A Year of Grace

Those who know me understand that one of my sacred rituals each January is to choose a word or phrase for the coming year.  This ritual is all about setting clear intention for the next twelve months and the word acts as a psychological rudder for making effective choices.

I take this exercise very seriously and found myself wrestling for two months – “What is the RIGHT word that captures the experience I want more of this year???”

As I observed myself wrestling (again), I realized that what I wanted is GRACE – actually RADICAL GRACE.  Grace is a word that has always felt delicious on the tongue – a beautiful word that has many meanings for me.  Webster defines it as “beauty and ease in movement.”   I’ll take more of that.  I do want to do more dancing this year.  Mostly I want more ease.  I’m good at making anything a bit (or a lot!) of struggle.  Maybe it meets my need for challenge – and if it’s difficult, it must be good for me!

Since my partner and I are full participators in Cancer World this year with more chemo and suspenseful blood work ahead, I want to do this journey with grace and ease.  Yes, beauty and ease in all things. . .

So, what is your word or phrase for 2011?  What experience do you yearn for – in  your life?  In your job?  Let me know!

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