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Work is ideally an arena where we can focus on our strengths and skills and experience fulfillment and aliveness spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Experience your own competence, love your work and take your leadership skills to another level while building confidence of staff along the way through executive coaching.

Executive coaching

Are you a great technician (ie. attorney, physician, IT person) who now needs to lead and manage a staff of challenging employees?

Are you being fast-tracked to a managerial position and you want to add new skills to your repertoire?

Would you like to be better at influencing others?

Do you desire more self-awareness and personal and professional mastery?

Develop the skills to:

  • Assess your leadership style and create an action plan for improvement.
  • Increase your interpersonal and emotional intelligence.
  • Develop your communication skills.
  • Manage the change process in your organization effectively.
  • Develop skills in inspiring peak performance from others.
  • Handle a challenging employee or coworker.
  • Create more effective performance reviews.
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity.

The concept of management coaching was new to me, although I completely understood the concept for athletes of all ages and experience. After working with Janet for a few sessions, I began to sense the same forward momentum that athletes gain from coaching. Not only did I learn fresh skills, but I was also energized by her interest and support. As a devoted booklover, I especially appreciate her knowledge of authors and her suggestions for further reading. It all helps in this demanding and fast-paced time!

Joan Airoldi, Director – Whatcom County Library System

Employee Performance Improvement

Do you have an employee who is worth keeping, but needs to improve their performance?
Do you have an employee who needs better communication or teamwork skills?

Janet can coach this employee to higher levels of emotional intelligence and productivity.

I’m always happy to recommend Janet Ott’s insightful contribution in the area of coaching. Janet has a unique ability to make coaching come alive with practical application at least she did for me. I personally came away with a new appreciation of coaching and with a few powerful techniques, in particular, the use of carefully crafted (Janet calls these profound) questions. Most of us really need to improve our coaching skills. I have re-read my notes from the workshop and the course material several times, and have shared them with others. Janet later pointed me to a few web-based coaching services and newsletters, which I am now using. Here at WECU, we are attempting to implement a consistent coaching process within the context of the supervisor/employee relationship. Janet’s workshop provided a practical way to give our managers some new tools to assist them in this process. Thank you, Janet!

Craig Moody, Senior Vice President – Weyerhaeuser Employees Credit Union, Longview, WA

Career Coaching

Do you want to experience more aliveness and fulfillment in your work or career?

Are you in career transition and want more clarity about the next move?

Learn to:

  • Clarify the needs that drive you.
  • Identify your purpose and passion.
  • Identify creative strategies for enhancing professional and personal success.
  • Create a vision for the ideal job/career.
  • Improve your resume and interview skills.

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